Cata's Kindle Library

Hello everyone. I created that list of my books I have on kindle for my friends who really enjoy reading outloud. I hope they can find a book they have as well and we can read from it by skype or/and Second Life. I would try to be online around 2:00 am PDT (SLT) or 12:00 midday EET (East European Time) Monday to Friday.
You can find on the internet how to create an free account and how to install the kindle app on your device. I believe it is the best way to read a book. There are my skype: catamari2006 and my Second Life : Cata Charisma.

If you have not a book we can just open it and read a little bit online from the amazon. com site by using Look inside functions.

Would be nice listening to you reading in voice!

Below you have three lists from where we can choose to read together: